Promoting universal health programmes for youth

Our work

Sexual & Reproductive health Rights

We educate young people about sexual health and about reproductive health rights.We conduct community dialogues engaging with different stakeholders and making awareness in the community. We also equip young people with knowledge on human rights so that they will be able to become the human rights defenders.

Shool Health Programme

Feeding scheme programme: We are Monitoring the school food supplies through School governing bodies and through school management to ensure that those who got tenders to supply that school they provide a quality healthy food for the kids. We train school governing bodies on how to monitor the suppliers and we also work with other stakeholders such as school health nurses from the department of health and other organizations.

Stakeholders Engagement

We work with different stakeholders such as traditional leaders,churches,Government departments and other community structures representing young people.We also give young people a space and a platform to engage with different stakeholders to influence programmes and decisions.

Gender Based Violence

Gender Based Violence is one of the priorities due to the high rate of of sexual assault cases here in South Africa.We do different activities in the community doing GBV awareness engaging with different stakeholders more especial young people.

HIV/TB Education

We educate young people and the community about HIV/AIDS and TB.We mobilise young people and the entire community to test for HIV and to check for TB.We encourage young people to take a lead to towards ending the spread of HIV and TB. We do awareness through different activities such as door to door campaign,dialogue etc.

Literacy Campaign

We are campaigning to end the level of illiteracy and school dropouts amongst young people.We have different activities that promotes literacy which are developing the interest of reading and writing.We have book reading clubs to help young people to develop the interest of reading which leads to learning.

Key Population Support

We provide platform and a safe space for key population groups in our organization and we are doing a sensitization in the community to fight against stigma and discrimination. We provide capacity building for key population groups so that they will be able to advocate for themselves,our mandate is to ensure that all key population groups are accessing health care services as it is stipulated in South African constitution.

Drugs& Substance abuse Awareness

Our mandate is to do drugs,alcohol and substance abuse awareness in the community targeting both young people and and adults. We provide drugs users with health education and referral system for those who are willing to quit from drugs,alcohol and substance abuse. we also work with different stakeholders in this programmes.

Environmental health

We work with different stakeholders to end environmental pollution.We encourage young people to take initiative to protect the environment. We are also promoting greening ,recycling and re-use of a certain products such as plastic and oil.We work with young people in different communities.

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